Last week, Dr. Tilahun Amede, leader of the Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) spoke at the opening of the international conference on ‘Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Development’, held in Ambo, Ethiopia, 10-12 February 2011.

The meeting explored ways to minimize the negative impacts of human involvement on forest, land and water resources, provide long term solutions to sustaining natural resources and create economic incentives to sustain rural livelihoods.

The conference had five special symposia during the course of the three days:

  • Climate change, Biodiversity and natural Resources management
  • Rainwater management for food security and environmental groups (organized by the NBDC with 16 presentations)
  • Aquaculture and fisheries for sustainable development
  • Ecosystem health and waster management
  • Animal alternatives and sustainable development

The next conference of ECOCASD will be organized in Bangalore, India in 2012.

View the text of the opening speech by Dr. Amede

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